Does Jermantown Animal Hospital Offer boarding/daycare services?
A: Yes, at JAH we provide boarding and daycare services for cats and dogs. Cats have their own designated cat room.
What type of surgeries are offered at Jermantown Animal Hospital?
A: Your beloved fur baby can be spayed, neutered, or have a vasectomy at our hospital. We also offer growth removals, dental cleanings, teeth extractions, tail docking, TPLO Surgery, cruciate repair, orthopedic surgery, and perineal urethrostomy and many other procedures a board-certified surgeon would perform.
Do I need an appointment to come in?
A: We work by appointment times to help decrease the stress and excitement of vet visits for our patients. We try our best to be accommodating to our clients’ needs and often can fit in same day appointments.
How often should my pet be seen by the veterinarian?
A: Pets that are young and healthy should be seen yearly for a health checkup, vaccine update if needed, and parasites screenings (fecal test and heartworm test if a canine). Pets older than 7 years old should be seen every 6 months. Pets are very skilled and hide illnesses and every 1 of our years is equivalent roughly to 6 dog years and 7 cat years. This means an exam every 6 months is equivalent to a person having an exam every 3 years. We do offer a free P.A.W.S program (Pet All-over Wellness Services) that offers a 10% discount on all exams and 10% off a senior blood work panel.
Does Jermantown Animal Hospital see emergencies?
A: Yes, we do see emergencies. Give us a call and see if we have availability to fit you in. We are not an emergency hospital, and we are not open or staffed 24 hours a day.
My regular vet has no availability to see my pet, what should I do?
A: You can either call an emergency clinic or call us and often we will be able to see your beloved pet. We work very well with other clinics and will be happy to send our records over to them after the appointment. We are here to help.
What is fear free vet care?
A: is when veterinary care is given in a low stress way to your fur baby. Many pets have anxiety during regular vet visits or would rather not have someone they see once or twice a year get in their personal space. By delivering fear free care, we can teach your pet going to the vet can be a pleasurable experience.
How is fear free accomplished?
A: Fear Free is specialized health care that is delivered in a positive, low stress manner. It cares about your pet’s comfort level and considers their fear, anxiety, and overall experience. Distraction techniques with treats help desensitize your pets to veterinary equipment and being touched by a non-pack member. For dogs that are super friendly, they love the extra TLC also. Often patients are unaware they received a vaccine because were so focused on their yummy treat. Many pets are anxious or nervous at vet visits or with car rides. Food is an excellent way to help pets have a positive memory of their annual wellness visit. It is best if pets come hungry and wonderful when owners bring their favorite treat or toy. To help make them more comfortable special cleaners are used to help pets not lose their sense of smell. Strong cleaners like bleach will disrupt their sense of smell making them unable to smell. Losing one of their 5 senses that they rely so heavily on can add to their stress.
What makes fear free different?
A: The use of pheromones, extreme effort to have a positive veterinary experience, attention to body language, understanding a pet’s emotions, offering mellow supplements or mellow medications prior to appointment, paying attention to client and patient specific needs.
Do you give second opinions?
A: Dr. Johnson is happy to give a second opinion on a case and has had many very happy clients that felt listened to.
What can you expect the day of a procedure, dental, or surgery?
A: Prior to your appointment you will receive the pre-anesthesia instructions. Procedure drop off times are from 8:00 AM – 8:30 AM. Upon entering the building, you will be greeted by a Client Care Representative and given the appropriate paperwork for your fur babies procedure. The receptionist will offer a pheromone bandana or towel, a weight will be taken, and they be put in their house for the day. You will schedule a discharge time for pickup. You will receive a phone call or test once your fur baby is awake from anesthesia.