What our Clients Say

We love Dr. Johnson! She was our favorite vet for almost 20 years and we followed her to Jermantown Animal Hospital. She is very upbeat, knows all the tricks for dealing with difficult animals, and really connects with pet owners. In addition to high quality medical care, she also understands that finances matter, and has always been willing to work with us to develop the best care plan for our dogs. She’s also good with behavior problems and very positive, which is reassuring for the pet owner. Dr. Johnson, Anne and Jerry, and the rest of the staff make a great team! Highest recommendations.
-Karen H.

Under new management. They take extra care of each of their clients. My dog had cruciate ligament surgery there and the staff was super sweet to her.
-Jordan S.

Jermantown Animal Hospital saved our foster’s life!! When she became very ill during labor, we rushed her to Jermantown who took her right away. Our foster needed an emergency c section and her newborn puppies needed extensive care for over 6 hours. The medical team provided her with excellent care – definitely saving her life and her puppies lives!! Thank you to the well trained and kind staff here!
-Richard S.

So grateful for the fast action and skill of the wonderful vets here! My foster needed to be brought in for an emergency c section. The team was professional, calm and caring! They promptly provided her with the best medical care, saved her life and the lives her beautiful puppies!
-Alexis S.

Jermantown animal hospital recently changed ownership! Dr Johnson (the new owner) is fantastic and worth the visit. She is compassionate, gentle, and wonderful at medicine. My dog recently had surgery and I must say Dr Johnson took her time and did a great job. JAH is a fear free hospital and it really shows during exams! If you are looking for a veterinarian in the area I highly recommend Jermantown Animal Hospital!
-Blake S.

We love Dr. Johnson! We followed her from another clinic, as she is the most kindhearted person. She spends time with you and your pet, discuss treatment options, and really understands pet behaviors and her staff is fantastic. I can’t recommend this clinic enough!
-Andrea L.

My cat started experiencing labored, abdominal breathing. It was Friday and I called my usual vet first thing in the morning to be seen but they were all booked up. I called five more places that morning, all booked. Jermantown graciously fit us in that very day at 1 pm. Due to the severity of my cat’s condition, we had to tragically put her down. If it wasn’t for Jermantown hospital, my cat would have suffered all weekend before being seen on Monday at our usual vet’s office.

My family lives 45 minutes away and wanted to be there to say goodbye. The staff at Jermantown allowed us to use a room for more than three hours, waiting for my family to arrive and answering all their questions. They were compassionate and their prices were comparable to other vet offices in the area, fair. If you ask ahead of time, they will give you prices before proceeding.
I am grateful for their care, compassion, and allowing us to take hours to say goodbye to our family member.
-Rachel C.

My dog loves everyone here so much sometimes she doesn’t want to leave ! They take such amazing care of her!
-Mary C.

Dr. Johnson and staff are incredible. Very knowledgeable, compassionate, and also provided some advice regarding training my 2 year old American Bulldog – as they also have experience in behavior consultation. I would absolutely recommend, especially for reactive or hyperactive pets.
-Alexa B.

Dr. Johnson and her team at Jermantown Animal Hospital are the best. We have a very high anxiety dog, our dog has always been a difficult vet patient. Dr. Johnson cracked the code to make our dog calm and comfortable during the visit. She and her team are patient, caring and give our pup the VIP treatment. We actively sought Dr. Johnson out after she branched out to her own practice. We will never use another vet. In an area where you have an abundance of veterinary options, there is only one clear choice for us.
-Daniel N.