(J.A.W.S) Jermantown All-over Wellness Services

This free program is Available for all Pets over 7yrs old. This program allows for 10% off All exams and 10% off Yearly Senior Bloodwork while enrolled in the program. Inquire today!

Call Us: (703) 273-5055

Pet Assure

Accepting Pet Assure Employee Programs.

Military Discount

We offer a 10% off discount on Exams and Yearly senior Bloodwork.


We Work closely with local rescues, such as Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, H.A.R.T Animal Rescue, offering them discounts on services and products.

Discover Great Pet Rebates!

Get ready for fantastic savings on essential pet care products! Enjoy a generous $60 rebate when you buy a 12-month bundle of Nexgard and Heartgard. But that’s not all – we’re also offering rebates on a variety of Zoetis products, including the popular Samparica trio and Apoquel.

Don’t miss out on these exclusive rebates! Treat your furry companion to the best in pet care while keeping your budget in check.