Welcome to Jermantown Animal Hospital, proudly serving the Northern Virginia Fairfax Area for over 30 years.

Under the passionate leadership of Dr. Elizabeth Johnson since October 2021, our hospital has undergone exciting changes to ensure the best possible care for your beloved pets. We prioritize Fear Free® practices to create a stress-free environment, understanding that veterinary visits can be daunting for both animals and their owners.

At Jermantown, we believe in giving back to our community, we contribute this through participating in activites, such as supporting local animal rescues, fundraising events, and participating in local activities. We have forged strong partnerships with organizations like Homeward Trails Animal Rescue and HART Animal Rescue, working closely together to provide essential care to animals in need. Through our collaboration, we strive to ensure that every fur baby receives the love and attention they deserve.

In addition to our involvement with rescues, we actively participate in local events, spreading awareness about Fear Free® care. We want to ensure that everyone in the community is aware that they have alternatives to traditional veterinary practices. Our fear-free practices, which emphasize positive reinforcement, can help your pets feel more comfortable and at ease during their visits.

We have been heavily involved in the Heartworm treatment of many dogs in the area, helping prevent, and treat heartworm disease. You can read more about our Heartworm Treatment Program here.

Jermantown has partnered with a can collector that has been collecting and Donating used Cans to support Title I schools, a school that has a significant amount of low income amilies/students. The cans are gathered here by our staff in their daily lives, and then donated in bulk.