Pet Boarding in Fairfax, VA

If you’re a pet owner, you know how difficult a decision it can be to leave your faithful companion behind when you go on vacation or when you have to travel for business. Unfortunately, there will be times where our furry friends can’t come with us. Of course, you might be able to leave your cat or dog with a family member or friend, but if your pet requires special medication or they follow a specific regimen, it only adds to their responsibilities. When you need dependable pet boarding in Fairfax, VA, look no further than the Jermantown Animal Hospital.

Our facility is equipped with everything your pet needs to stay happy and healthy during their time with us. At our pet daycare, we care for our guests in the same way that our owners do, so you can rest easy knowing that your pet is in caring, loving hands. Whether for a day or a whole weekend, when you need cat or dog boarding, trust our dedicated professionals to meet your pet’s every need in full.

Leave Your Pet in Good Company at Our Pet Daycare

While many traveling pet owners would love nothing more than to bring their furry friends along, there are some places that pets just can’t come. Owners going away for one reason or another can’t always be expected to find a caretaker that can tend to their pet’s unique needs. If you’re faced with the difficult decision of finding an appropriate caretaker for your cat or dog, trust our team for pet sitting services that you can count on.

Play time for cats is separate from the dogs, so you can rest assured your precious pooch or cat is kept safe while they play and get some exercise. To further ensure their safety, our guests are kept in safe, climate-controlled cages or runs while they sleep. In addition, our highly qualified staffers are more than happy to accommodate any special treatment your pet requires, including medical treatments, dietary restrictions, and more.

Offering Veterinary Care, Kenneling, and Grooming Services

Entrust our dedicated veterinarian and staff with the complete care of your pet. In addition to our cat and dog boarding services, we also offer comprehensive veterinary care and grooming services. If your pet requires specialized medical treatment or has any strict dietary restrictions, you can have peace of mind knowing our on-site veterinarian has over 35 years of experience. We also invite you to take advantage of our grooming, nail clipping, and other health and wellness services.

Contact our staff to make arrangements for your pet boarding or daycare needs. Located in Fairfax, Virginia, we proudly serve pet owners from Northern Virginia, Oakton, Vienna, Centreville, and Chantilly, as well as the surrounding area.